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Landscape Development

The vision of today’s most prominent Chicagoland architects, developers and general contractors are brought to life by Woodland Commercial Landscape. As an experienced bonded and licensed contractor, we consistently execute complex landscape designs with efficient and effective results. If you need a Union shop, we are members of Local 150 and Teamster 403.

Retaining Walls

Woodland Commercial Landscape offers the civil solution that best fits your site’s needs. Whether the site requires Modular Block, Soil Nails, or even Cross Tie Repair, our designs are specific to each project. We can provide stamped civil drawings and installation that will meet your budget and look aesthetically pleasing in the landscape.


Commercial pavers are used to enhance and increase safety for commercial and business properties. Architects, landscape architects and general contractors repeatedly choose Woodland Commercial Landscape because our attention to detail, service and warranty. Commercial Pavers are easy to maintain, saving you time and money.

Green Roofs

Woodland Commercial Landscape believes in a sustainable environment. With that in mind, we have focused on green roof installations as a signature service offered by our company. Our team will lead in the development and implementation of your green roof project from conceptual design to realization and maintenance plan creation.


Woodland Commercial Landscape collectively has over 30 years experience in the installation of lawn irrigation sprinklers on the commercial level. Woodland utilizes smart controllers, drip irrigation systems and matched precipitation rotor technologies for water conservation. Our philosophy is centered on quality.

Erosion Control

The primary purpose of Woodland Commercial Landscape erosion control methods is to reduce the erosive effects of surface water runoff on exposed soil. To this end, we implement an array of techniques such as erosion control blankets, native seeding, vegtative plugs and the creation of bioswales to offset and mitigate water runoff.

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